Lethal Leslie #35

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15615)

Almost forgot to add, horizontal step, tapless, self-reversing. Blah Blah Blah. Same as always. Assume right lead

Combo 1

L-step variation - knee up off end (1,2), step down left (3), right foot mambos forward (4), march back arnd in a circle to the right corner (5,6,7,8)

Chasse turn (3) - right leads facing the right wall, right foot up on the step (1), left foot up on the step and right foot lifts off (&), right foot to the floor on south side of the step starting to face the front (2), left foot to the floor at the left end of the step (3)

Combo 2

Spider V-step (ending on top) (12) - right lead, up in a V right left (1,2), right foot to floor behind left foot (3), left foot to floor a little wider & right foot lifts slightly (4), right foot back down in the same place & left foot lifts (5), up in a V left right (6,7), left foot to floor behind right foot (8), right foot to floor out wide & left foot lifts slightly (9), left foot to floor in same spot & right foot lifts (10), up in a V right left (11,12)

If you want to make this harder, change the 6 count mambo. You could hop it over to the other side of the step and hop it back over. Or you could do it in a straddle. Or you could do it in a weave fashion.

Here's a simple warm up for you:

To me this is a simple warm up, but to others it may not be.

Anyways, only three for now. Enjoy. Email with any questions or comments.

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