Boot Camp 5

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Push-ups-10 regular-10 wide arms-10 wide legs

Cardio #1: Split into 2 groups. 1 group-jumps rope/1 group-runs an obstacle course. Each group does the exercise for 2 minutes then switch. For a total of 4 minutes. (Obstacle course-you can pretty much do anything here. For example-weave cones, military crawl, jumping over hurdles/steps. I set mine up around the basketball court, having them do different exercises at each side of court.)

Strength #1: Bicep curls with handled band on exercise ball-2 sets of 15 (sitting on top of ball, band is underneath feet, holding handles, curl up and down-in between sets, do 20 uppercut punches-still holding handles, palms facing your face, quick punches.)

Cardio #2: Fun sprints (group does high knees until you say sprint, they sprint down the court, stay there and do high knees until you say sprint, they sprint back. Start again except do a different exercise, for example-jumping jacks, fast feet (football feet), tuck jumps, squat jumps, lying down, sitting down, sitting backwards) For 3 minutes.

Strength #2: Split lunge with lateral raise 15x/split lunge (other leg) with front raise. (split lunge-place top of right foot on top of a chair/your left leg is doing the work, make sure your toe doesn't pass your knee, lunge down, raise up and do a lateral raise. Next 15 switch legs, put left on top of chair and lunge with front raise.)

Cardio #3: High knee skips moving down the floor/heel kick skips (backwards) coming back-repeat for 3 minutes (The exercises basically are how the sound. High knee skips-pulling knee up and skip/heel kicks moving backwards with a skip, pull heel up toward butt, then skip.)

Strength #3: upper back- 2 sets of 15

Cardio #4: Split into 2 groups. 1-Chair taps (standing on top of a sturdy chair, tap left foot down to floor, then tap right foot down to floor, repeating left then right. Make sure their whole foot is on top of chair.) 1 group-squats/switch after 1 minute-go for 4 minutes.

Strength #4: tricep dips with medicine ball squeezed between legs-2 sets of 15 (place medicine ball above the knees)

Cardio #5: Hop down court on right foot-walking lunge back/hop down court on left foot-walking lunge back/bunny hops down-walking lunges back. This should be about 3-4 minutes, if not start the sequence again.

Strength #5: Push-ups-10 regular, 10 wide arms, 10 wide feet (do last 5 super sloooow)

Abs and Low back=5-6 minutes


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