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This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 15617)

1. Shoulders:

Sit straight up on the ball with lower weights than you normally use for shoulders. We do 10 of each nonstop, Front laterals, side laterals, forward rear delts and shoulder presses. They get a 30 second rest and then we continue on with the second set and then the same for the third set.

2. Triceps:

Sit on bench with about 4 risers on each side and have the stability ball in front of you. Do tricep push-ups using the ball for balance and to really work the core. For added pleasure, throw a weight plate on your upper thighs as you do these (25 is good). Immediately following each set, roll forward on the ball and do 12 pushups using the ball to support your feet. Three sets with a 30 second rest in between sets.

3. Chest:

Using the ball to lie on, lie with your shoulder blades on the ball and do 12 reps of bench presses and 12 reps of flies before taking a 30 second rest between sets.

For the rest of my sculpt class, I do not use the balls except for abs. I told my students the first time I taught this class that they would have soreness in 24-48 hours and everyone did, so my class was worth it.

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From: New Port Richey, Florida (USA)
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