Springtime In Hell

This is a Cycling pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15619)

Warm up 5 minutes Zone 1

Flat road 5 minutes (tailwind) Zone 2

Rolling hills 2 minute ascent
Increase resistance 4x @ 30 second intervals
Rolling hills 2 minute descent
Decrease resistance 4x @ 30 second intervals

Sprint 1 minute Zone 3

Steep seated climb 4 minutes Zone 3
Increase resistance @ 1 minute intervals to medium heavy - cadence should be dropping during the last minute

Standing climb 1 minute -heavy resistance, Zone 3-4 * (anaerobic for the last 10 seconds *)
Seated climb 1 minute - active rest decrease resistance until the cadence naturally goes up, Zone 3
Standing climb 1 minute - see above
Seated climb 1 minute - see above

Downhill 2 minutes - gradual reduction in resistance until it's light.

Flat road - 2 minutes with surges or out of the saddle sprints if your group is feeling "frosty".

YELL : "OK let's head back! Sharp left up ahead! (slow your cadence way down).
Total ride time "out" 28 minutes

Flat road sprint - 2 minutes

Steep hill 4 minutes (seated and standing, don't cue it, just ride hard they'll figure it out ) Zone 3 - 4*

Rolling hills - 4 minutes (same sequence as above) . Try to get them into Zone 4 during the standing climbs. They should be wanting a break about now!

Downhill - 4 minutes - allow them to take some resistance off but encourage them to ride the downhill hard - this is a good place to cue some short bursts (10 seconds ) at maximum cadence exactly like when the descent becomes so steep you "spin out" of your biggest gear and stop pedaling. Watch their form here and tell them to back off if you see them bouncing. Zone 3

Rolling hills - 2 minute ascent
Increase resistance 4x @ 30 seconds
Rolling hills - 2 minute descent
Decrease resistance 4x @ 30 seconds

Flat road with a HEADWIND - 5 minutes
Depending on the Feng Shui of the way your bikes are set up individuals or groups should pull out of the draft and pull into the wind to get us home. Each person in the peloton should experience two short Zone 4 (anaerobic/all out) efforts. Depending on your group these could be up to one minute.

Warm Down - 5 minutes - changing cadence and off the bike stretching.
Zone 2 to Zone 1

Total ride time "back" - 23 minutes / 28 with the warm down.

This profile is meant to simulate an early season ride. On your first 50K ride of 2006 you'll head out and back along the same route. The key to this virtual ride in a significant increase in the intensity level on the way "back". You want to make "Gung Ho" turn into "Oh,No!" just as it has on the way home so many times! Skip that stop at the Smyrna Diner for eggs and homefries if you know what's good for you. Just stick with a Power Bar. Can ya dig it ?

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