Forsythia's Fun For All (Inspired by tbb)

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I like to present all new stuff in January, as we often get new class members; this way, it's is new to everybody, not just the newbies. This routine is easy enough for rookies, but challenging enough for the old hands. Many thanks to my good buddy Toots; I ran these moves by her during a personal training session and she offered valuable input from a member's point of view.

I had the first two parts done, and was looking for a third. There was a thread on the Moves Board ( that kick-started part three. Options are in parentheses. These weave beautifully!

My classes are mixed ability, all ages and levels of fitness, so coming up with new stuff everyone enjoys is a real challenge.

Combo ONE

Combo TWO


*Knees around the world: turnstep with a knee (right,4), over the top with a knee (left, 4), turnstep knee (right, 4) over the top knee (left, 4)

**Peg-leg: a traveling stomp. Your right side is toward the step; step up right, down to the floor left, repeat as needed (two reps for this combo) moving forward.

***Carole P calls this a curb walk and I'm gonna totally copy and paste her description here: "This is like doing 4 stomps on a row on one foot, only the first one is on the bench, the second one is over the bench, the third one is on again, and the fourth one is a rock back on the floor on home side." (Uh-oh, I stole a move! hehehe)

****Hoop: step up right (1) extend left leg straight back, both arms come up like you are dunking a basketball, hence the name (2) come back to floor left and right (3,4) This is a lead-changer.

Have fun!

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