Lethal Leslie #36

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15623)

Horizontal step, tapless, assume right lead for each combo. These aren't in any particular order. Just some combos I thought I would share. Some may be advanced, some intermediate.

Combo 1

Rebound back & stomp (10) - right lead at left corner, I start with a repeater 3, step down on count 7 & right foot lifts at same time, stomp the step & left foot lifts slightly (8), exit down left right (9,10). Now for the rebound part: right foot on the step (1), left knee (2), left foot to the floor (3), right knee up moving back slightly (4), right foot to the floor on the spot (5), left knee up (6), left foot to the floor moving forward (7), right foot stomps the step-etc counts 8,9,10 as above.

Orbit - an option to make it more advanced would be to pause and then do a chasse turn over the step, and you would do this 2 times. Pause & chasse turn - So you would pause for counts 1,2 (put your left foot on the step and pause) and then the chasse turn is for counts &,3,4. Hope that explains it.

Kick & mambo step hop - just an option for a kick on the step and a mambo to the back cha cha cha to the step. First 6 counts of the kick and mambo step hop would be the same as the kick and mambo cha cha. The last 2 counts, after the mambo to the back, assuming a left lead, at the sixth count you are slightly turning to the front and the left foot is already on the floor, right foot goes to the floor & the left foot lifts (7), hop on that foot again as the left leg is in the air still and coming forward (8)

Combo 2

123 on top step down off end 1/2 pivot turn (6) - this is from Chicken's post. I just changed the rest of the combo to my liking and to make it easier to call out. Also easier for the members so they didn't get too confused. Right foot up at left corner (1), left foot on top behind right foot & right foot lifts a little (2), right foot back down in the same place & left foot lifts slightly (3), left foot steps down to the floor at the left end of the step (4) right foot down in front of the left foot pivoting & left foot lifts (5), left foot back down to the floor facing the step & right foot is up (6). Hopefully you understand that the last 2 counts are the pivot turn. It was hard to explain it.

Crossover lunge - it's just two side lunges and exiting on the opposite side of the step

Rhythm off the ends - an option for stomp the bug. Assume right lead, right foot on step at left corner (1), left foot to the floor and right foot lifts (&), right foot back on the step and left foot lifts (2), exit back home left right (3,4), repeat left lead

Combo 3

I'm not sure if I posted this one yet. Sorry if I already did.

Tic toc up - I know some people don't like tic toc/pendulums, so just march instead or jog on top

Box step over the step - you can just do a half an orbit instead

123 on top is explained above in combo #2

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy. Email with any questions or comments.

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