Boot Camp 6

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2 minutes-squat with side leg lift (step out with right foot and squat from squat stand up and lift right leg up, working outer thigh, toe should be flexed, then go back down into squat, from there stand up and bring feet back to start. Now repeat sequence on the other side.) Step out squat/side leg lift/squat/step together/switch sides.

Cardio #1

This should be around 3-4 minutes.

Strength #1

(depending on how tough your class is you could have them go back down 10x, 5x-this is pretty hard, you could also change up the push-ups too, ex.-wide arms, wide feet, after your push-up come back on your knees to do presses, set weights down, go into push-up)

Cardio #2

Bear crawl dowm court/turn and sprint back/crab walk down court/turn and sprint back-repeat sequence for 3 minutes.

Strength #2

One legged deadlifts-15x right leg/15x left leg/then do one set of 15 with both feet on floor (a regular deadlift) To make this exercise a little easier you could have the toe of the leg you are not working tapped on the floor behind you, to make harder keep that toe off the floor.

Cardio #3

Tire carry over head with partner around track-first 2 laps/tire carry at side with partner around track-last 2 laps (we have a track around our basketball court) Ok-you need a heavy object if you don't have access to tires. Holding tire overhead/one partner is mainly using their left arm to hold up tire-the right is for support, and the other partner is mainly using their right arm to hold up tire-the left is for support. Now run around the track, holding tire above your head, on the next lap have the partners switch sides so they work both arms evenly. Then bring tire down at your side and run around track, switch sides for the last lap.

Strength #3

Bicep curls with calf raises-2 sets of 15 reps.

Cardio #4

Jumping Jacks 10x/shuffle down and back/squat jacks (power jacks) 10x/shuffle down and back/criss-cross jacks 10x/shuffle down and back-repeaat sequence for 3 minutes.

Strength #4

Upper back rows sitting on exercise ball-2 sets of 15.

Cardio #5

Step-ups for 30 seconds (using a step, step up and down as fast as you can, make sure their feet aren't hanging over edge of step) / then do 15 tricep dips (keeping butt close to step) / skip down and back on court-repeat sequence for 4 minutes.

Strength #5

1 set of 15 overhead tricep extensions/1 set of 15 push-ups



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