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Hi folks -

Here are two 64 count blocks that fit nicely together. The first one changes lead, and the second one doesn't, so you can put them both together and they change lead. If you want to practice the second one by itself, you can make it lead-change by using two single knees at the end instead of the knee-straddle and the overturn.

"Named steps" and alternate layers** are at the end.

My thanks to Jacque (from a while back) for counts 1-16 of the second block, and the layer!

If you have questions or comments, please email me, and please put "turnstep" somewhere in the subject line!



First Block (64 counts - changes lead)

Second Block (64 counts - does not change lead)

Named steps:

"Knee right + turnback knee" (8 counts, does not change lead): knee right on bench (4 counts) + knee left on ground facing back left corner of room, as if there were a bench there (note: counts 7,8 return back to "home" behind bench)

"Overturn right + turnback knee" (8 counts, does change lead): overturn right (4 counts, what some would call half of a revolving door) plus keep rotating same direction into a knee right facing the front right corner of the room, as if there were a bench there (note: counts 7,8 bring you back to the bench, facing the back of the room from in front of the bench)

"Double merry-go-round left" (12 count move, does not change lead): start with counts 1,2 as if you were doing a Turnstep left, then walk four more counts (counts 3-6) around the end of the bench (keep rotating the same way you started to rotate with the Turnstep) to end up on the opposite side of the bench, and then do all six counts again (counts 7-12) to end up on the same side of the bench you started on

"Overturn" left (4 counts, does not change lead): half of a revolving door left

"One knee over + turn to back left" (8 count move, does not change lead): start with first two counts (counts 1,2) as if doing a regular knee left facing the front right (northeast) corner of the room but take this diagonally over the bench so the right foot is ready to step down to the ground to the northeast of the bench on count. 3; then do three step-knees right, left, right (counts 3-8) on the ground to the northeast of the bench, turning to the back of the room (clockwise) so that on the last count you are facing the bench from the north, looking at the back of the room (your right foot will be on the ground, with left knee up, ready to put your left foot on the bench for count 1 of the next move) - I teach this initially without the direction, just the first 2 counts of knee left on bench and then the 3 step-knees right,left,right on the ground behind the bench, THEN I add the direction.

"Skip to my lou over" left (6 count move, does not change lead): start behind east end of bench, facing west; left foot up on bench, right knee up, right foot on bench (moving forward towards west end of bench), left knee up, left foot down on ground off west end of bench (still facing west wall), right foot down beside left foot

"Dance onto bench" left,right,left: (3 counts, changes lead): from behind bench, sort of facing right/east wall - left foot up onto bench near left end of bench, right foot up on bench behind right foot, left foot steps again on bench in same place as it was

"L-step figure eight - left": (8 count move, changes lead): start a normal L-step for first three counts; on count 4, instead of tapping the left foot down on the ground by the right foot near the east end of the bench, put the left heel on the bench and start to turn the body slightly in towards the bench (counterclockwise), then step left on the bench (count 5) continuing to turn to face the end of the bench, bring the right knee up (ct. 6), then down-down right, left straddling the bench, having moved towards the middle, or even the far (west) end of the bench. When you put two of these together in a row, it makes sort of a figure eight, hence the name.

"Triple lunge" left (10 counts, changes lead): up-up left, right,lunge back left, lunge back right, lunge back left, down-down right,left

Alternate layers:

* Two straddles right can be: one straddle right (counts 1-4), one hop (count 5) while still in straddle, right leg swings behind and over bench (count 6), walk - walk right, left (counts 7-8)

** Triple lunge left can turn to face east wall as you do the lunges to the sides, and then exit back to "home" behind bench

*** "2 x V-step right" - can do "V-jacks" instead: right foot up on bench wide count 1, left foot up on bench wide count 2, jacks in-out-in counts 3-5, right knee up count 6, down-down right/left counts 7-8

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