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To all of you Spin experts, my terminology may be a little different, but I'm learning! The majority of this workout is on the clock, so I used a continual play cd because I didn't want any breaks between the songs.

Warm up - 5 minutes

Build - 3-4 minutes increasing the tension about every 30 seconds.

Round 1: Up / down Interval: = 4 minutes

Med tension - 1 minute - up 8 / down 8 right lead
1 minute - up 8 / down 8 left lead
1 minute - up 4 / down 4 right lead
1 minute - up 4 / down 4 left lead

Explanation: Everyone will be on their own cadence. They will stand for 8 repititions of the right, then sit for 8 for 1 minute. Then up 8, down 8 with left 1 minute. When I say right 'lead', I just mean with an emphasis on the down push.

Recover 1 minute while you explain the next round and prepare tension.

Round 2: 15 second intervals: Do x 5 = 5 minutes. I do a 1 run through.

Burst - 15 seconds
Reverse jumps - 15 seconds
Seated sprint - 15 seconds
Easy to a stop - 15 seconds
Just before first round, come to a stop and increase tension (time it so this only lasts a few seconds), yell out "GO" and everyones stands and takes off like out of a starting block for 15 seconds, immediately into reverse jumps for 15 seconds, immediately into seated sprint 15 seconds, immediately to easy & stop the last few seconds and get ready to go again. For a visual I suggested they imagine being a track star and doing Hurdles.

Round 3: 15 second Intervals: Do x 5 = 5 minutes + 1 run through.

Seated climb - 15 seconds
Headwind - 15 seconds
Standing climb - 15 seconds
Hover - 15 seconds
Seated climb and continually increase tension, go immediately into a headwind- stand, forearms on handles, stay low, immediately break away or regular standing climb with hands in third position, immediately into a hover standing straight up with little movement on the ceiling (no bobbing of head). Sit last few secondss and get ready to go again.

Round 4: 1 minute intervals: Do x 10 = 10 minutes

45 seconds seated, good pace, last 15 second sprint. Make this as close to a 'true sprint' as possible.

Round 5: Speed play 30 second intervals (total time will depend on the # of people in class)

All start together for a first speed play round where you count cadence for 30 seconds. Have class call out numbers. Person with highest # is out (lucky them!), recover 30 seconds, then Speed Play again for 30 seconds. Person with highest # is out, recover 30, etc. Once you get 'out' I tell them you can do whatever just keep moving. Most will join back in with us after they recover but just not call out their number. Continue until all are 'out'

Round 6: Standing hill ride and duck 2-5 minutes

You pick the time depending on how long Round 5 took. While standing and up hill, every so often yell out "Duck" and have participants duck down as if going under a tree. Have fun with this. You can call it every 10-15 seconds, then several in a row, then wait a while and laugh at the ones who duck anyway! I love doing that when they try to second guess me!

Add a Round 7 if you have time again depending on how long Round 5 takes you, or you can go back and repeat Round 1 in MUD. Enjoy

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