Mix it up

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15642)

Start with right side to the mirror (or wall) and jab/jab/cross
Right knee and left side kick for 8 x

Now change just the side kick to a round kick 8 x

Now drop punches and do a front kick /back kick only 8 x

Now change elevation on the front and back kick so it is a front/lunge/punch down to toes/jab/cross..front lunge punch down. jab/cross (going up/down with the lunge)

Jump rope for a transition:
feet back and forth, 2 footed jump, feet out to side (like bottom of a jumping jack) 2 on each foot.. to knee up..to front kick (double jump gives you time to do the knee up/knee down.....front kick upfront kick down)

Change sides and end with a squat....up down 10 x
then a side lunge with a cross 4x
to a side lunge with a cross/side kick 4 x (popping up for the crosses)

End with a jump rope pattern or a jumping jack pattern.

Jab/cross jab/cross............step back side kick 4 x
Jab/cross jab/cross............step back side kick
To front /back kick...front/back kick 4 x

Go to back kick down..end up in lunge position..bring back knee toward chest in a low stance like a speed skater...and lunge/bring back knee forward with hands in a low knee strike.. 8 x

Go to lunge/front kick ....lunge front kick 4 x to ALL front kicks 8 sets... and that should do it. We go to real bags next.

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