Advanced, tapless, cross-phrased, and fun

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Hello hello! Here is my latest pattern.

Each part is 64 counts. Assume a right lead, although when I teach I do quite a bit of weaving... Counts for each move in parentheses.

Part 1

* Rock off the tip = a double stomp, but take your non-lead leg wide to the side of the step instead of behind the step (stomp up, stomp out wide, stomp up, exit exit, then do the other corner with opposite lead leg)

* 2 Alternating hams on top = a mini-skate where you do 2 hams on top before exiting rather than 3

Part 2

* 5-Count over = I think this is Sonia's move. It's an over the top, but as you exit you do a half mambo or rock back to make it tapless.

*1/2 Curb walk, rock on top, stomp the floor = stomp on top of the step (1), stomp the floor behind the step (2), stomp the floor on the other side of the step so you're straddling it (3), stomp the floor again behind the step (4). That's your 1/2 curb walk. Then go right into a rock or half mambo on top -- up (5), rock back on top of the step (6-7), exit exit and turn so you're facing away from the step (8-9), stomp the floor with the step kinda behind your hip (10), walk walk back to the step (11-12). When you come back to the step, you'll go right into your diagonal to take you back to the rear or south side of the step. The curb walk, rock on top, and diagonal all have the same lead leg. (Come to think of it, so does the cha cha V... keep reading.)

* Cha cha V-step = facing the side wall, do a quick cha cha (1&2) then immediately begin your V-step starting from the floor (3-6). With a right lead, you would be facing the left or west wall... cha cha rightleftright (1&2), then start your V still facing the west wall with your left foot -- down up down down (3-6). As you exit (the down down on counts 5-6), turn so you're facing front again.

Part 3

* Lunge, box, cha cha, etc = this part was tricky because it's so cross-phrased. The actual move is easy, though. Go up and do 2 lunges to the sides (1-6), then just step down with the lead leg toward the front of the room (7), box step with the other leg leading (8-9), and cha cha back to the tip (10-11). I broke it down by adding a double stomp at the tip, which changed our lead leg unnecessarily but it was easier to learn that way. Then we just took out the double stomp and went right into the skipping part.

Please email me with questions. I'll be happy to explain anything that isn't clear. We got a new kitten last week, so I haven't been sleeping much... my apologies if this is clear as mud! I'm very sleep-deprived.


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