Dana's Intermediate Step #1

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15651)

Step is horizontal, tapless choreography

*Diagonal crossover cha-cha: also called Walkaway Twist: diagonal over up, up, down, down (right/left/right/left), cross right over left like a jazz square, step back on floor left, and then triple step right/left/right on counts 3&4 while moving back to the home position. This move crossed over the step, and returns to home all in 8 counts.

**Double karate knee: up right, double knee left, walk back on floor left,right,left, lift right knee, walk forward right, left, up right, double knee left, down left, down right.

***Tap dance: A syncopated way to do V-steps: counted out it goes "&1&2, down, down". Step up right wide on the "&" beat just before the 1 beat. Step up left wide (like a V) on the 1 beat. Step again in same place with right on the 1& beat. Step again in same place with left on the 2 beat. Down right on beat 3, down left on beat 4. Thanks to Cathe Friedrich for this variation!

****Knee cha-cha: up right, lift left knee, down left, down right, rock back left, rock forward right, cha-cha back to step left,right,left. You can also turn on counts 3-4 to face the back of the room, then mambo or pivot on counts 5-6 if you want to make it fancier.

Hope you can use something here.

Dana H.

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From: Northern Virginia (USA)
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