Jacque's Repeater-Mambo-Waltz (2 versions)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15656)

These are variations on my "Repeater-Mambo-Stomp" pattern (#15140 posted in April 2005). The first one keeps the last 16 counts of that pattern -- the second one is a little different at the end, and a little more advanced. Both are 32 counts, reversing, tap-free.

Version 1:

OR Version 2:

(See pattern 15436 for explanation of Boomerang) The "Boomerang" switches your lead leg.


* Any 2 knee repeater variation will do as long as you end with a foot in the air on count 4. The one I used I've called a helicopter for lack of anything better -- I'm open to a different name if you have one! It's a 360 degree forward turn, touching down on the N side on count 3. It's actually 2 forward hopturns, touching down on the N between. (Hopturn-Repeater? 2 Repeater-Hopturn?)

** This "Waltz on Top" move is really just another back-mambo, executed on the top of the board. So cue it however it works best for you. My classes already know "Waltz on Top", so I use that. But to make the teaching progression easy, it is simply 3 counts down and 3 counts up (after the 2 knee repeater). Then exit down, down and you're back on the phrase. When introducing it I cue: "2 knee repeater, down 3, up 3, exit".

*** The footstrike for the Waltz on the floor is the same as doing it on top of the board, just in a different location. The moves have to be bigger & can be more flamboyant, which is part of the fun. Not everyone will want this option though, because they don't have the board as a target for foot placement.

With a right lead, you will be traveling toward the W side of the room. After the 2 knee repeater/back-mambo (counts 1-7), turn to face the back of the room while stepping out wide with the right foot on count 8. Step behind with left foot on count 9 as in a back-mambo, but continuing into the turn a bit more. On count 10 step back onto your right foot and begin reversing your turn the other direction. Counts 11,12 are left, right -- continue turning until you are facing front at the home position.

Have fun and email me with any questions.


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