Jacque's Waltz & Mambo

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15944)

32 counts, reversing, tapfree, horizontal board. Breakdown at the end. The "floor" option on the waltz is so much fun!

To do this on the FLOOR instead of on the board: as you come out of the 1/2 revolving door continue to turn and step wide on the floor so that you face the back wall on count 1 of the 5 count move. Step behind on count 2. Reverse your spin on counts 3,4,5 so that you are in home position facing the board & ready for the 6 count mambo. Fun!


The first 16 counts has the lead leg change:

Layer the "kick-walk-back-kick-walk-forward" by taking the second alternating kick to the floor. Keep the leg extension and basic as is. Repeat on both sides until they are ready for more.

With a more advanced group, I demo the changes for the leg extension and basic at the same time. They are optional of course. Anyone wanting to stay on the home side and not cross over can choose to do so.

With a less experienced group, I would "block" and teach several repetitions of the glute swing (weave, scissor) over from alternating corner-corner leg extensions. Then I would "block" and teach a revolving door from a basic foot pattern. Last, insert them into the combo as options.

Here, I insert 4 basics to the pattern as a "pre-layer" for the next 16 counts. So now you have:

The second 16 count segment is all from a marching foot pattern. This is the base that I use (replaces the 4 basics):

I cue it "double, single-single, double".

Next layer is to step up on the board on count 2 of each double stomp (step behind), then exit on counts 4,5. This is what I call a "Waltz on top". Some call it "rock on top". I've heard one presenter call it a Tango.

Last layer is to demo taking the Waltz to the floor & out toward the side wall a bit. Not everyone chooses to use this option since not having the board as a target for foot placement throws some people. But once they get, they love it!

Feel free to email me with questions.


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