Sculpt to Sweat!

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Start with a warm up 5-7 minutes of simple aerobics and movements with a purpose to dynamically stretch all major muscle groups while increasing heart rate and range of motion. Examples: grapevine, knees up, lunges, trunk rotations, arm circles, shoulder shrugs, toe taps, etc. This workout is quick from one exercise to the next, intense and guaranteed to make everyone sweat!

  1. Squats - wall squat with ball: 8 slow squats, 8 quick single count squats, hold at approximately 90 degree bend in knees and pulse for 8 counts - repeat 3X (this can also be done with a body bar resting over shoulders instead of ball wall squat) *encourage weight on heels, sitting back into squat.
  2. Shoulder mini-circuit - 8 shoulder press, 8 alternating front raise, 8 side raises with both arms together, use and up for 2, down for 2 count for tempo to allow for controlled movements. Go through this mini circuit 3X. * encourage to start with heavy weights, but can switch to lighter ones as needed
  3. Lunges - one foot up on step, other foot back - 8 slow lunges down for 2, up for 2 tempo count, 8 quick single count lunges, 8X of pulsing for 3 counts up for 1 counts - then switch legs * do twice through each leg
  4. Chest superset - 8 push ups (from knees or toes) followed by 12 lying dumbbell flies. Alternate with no rest until 3 sets of each are done.
  5. Glutes - fire hydrants (knees under hips, hands under shoulders on all fours) keep knee bent to 90 degrees, and foot flexed in. Lift let up and out to side, extend kicking leg out, bend back in, and lower leg down. 8 of these are done, then hold that leg up in the air, do just the kick out squeezing the glues 8X, then go back to the full leg lift + kick 8 more times. Then swithc legs and do the same. After this turn over onto your side, doing a side leg lift 8X, then hold the leg half way up and circle the whole leg in tiny quick circles from the hip for 8 counts, then change direction circling for 8 counts. Then do the same to the other leg.
  6. Bicep curls - dumbbell or tubing band. 8 Curls, up for 2 down for 2 tempo, 8 quick single count curls, 8 curls up for 3, down for 1, 8 single count curls, 8 curls up for 1 down for 3 tempo, finish with 8 more single count curls.
  7. Triceps - dips off of a step. Elbows bending back, the more the knees are bent in the easier. Can have feet flat on floor to make easier, or heels only touching floor to make harder. 2 minutes of dips.
  8. 1 Arm row - 1 foot up on step, keep shoulders square with hips. Use a heavy weight. 8 rows up for 2 down for 2 tempo, 8 single count rows, 8 rows up for 2 down for 2 tempo. Repeat other arm.
  9. Ball hamstring curls - single or double leg. Heels on ball, hips up as high as possible keeping glutes squeezed in. Neck relaxed and arms at sides or above head. 12 curls followed by holding a straight leg bridge for 30 seconds - repeat 3X
  10. Core Strength:
    - reverse crunch - rock &lift hips up off floor, hold then lower 20x
    - leg lower - single or double leg - keep spine neutral 15x
    - side plank - hold 30-45 sec/side - can add hip dips to it
    - front plank - hold 30-45 seconds
    - ball roll-out - kneeling, roll out onto forearms on ball, keep back straight, pushing hips and weight forward - done very slowly 15x

Then STRETCH!!! Take the last 5-10 minutes of class to relax and stretch out each muscle group used focusing on full ROM movements.

Any questions?? Please let me know! Thanks

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