Shallow Aqua Abs

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Hi all, I come from a deep water background so it's been challenging coming up with good ab moves for shallow water. I have seniors and people who don't swim, so they are not comfortable with floating on the noodle. Here's a good idea with stading position, water up to your chest.

Take a noodle and tie it in a knot. First, I warm up with a great idea from here too. Have them partner up and stand back to back. Pass the knot around to your partner rotating your torso and go in one direction keeping the noodle knot under water. Do several turns, switch direction.

Have everyone hold a noodle-knot at their chest, holding at either ends of the noodle, elbows bent. Water should cover to the chest. Contract the abs and do a crunch to lower your noodle knot to hip level, raise, and repeat. Do not lower the knot with your arms, lower it as you crunch, arms do not move from original position. From here, take the move side to side...chest, lower knot to right hip, raise to chest, lower to left hip, repeat. Concentrate on one side for a few counts, and switch.

Go back to the center, extend arms, hold noodle-knot at each end of the noodle, at chest level. Crunch and lower knot keeping arms extended. Again, do not lower with the arms, lower as you crunch. This is very concentrated move, so they'll feel it. Take the move to either side of the hips. Switch your counts...3-down, 1-up...down, half-way up, and do the crunch again.

Thanks for all your great ideas, email me with any questions!

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