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Hey everyone!

This website has been such a great resource to me! So, thanks! :) This is my first post...

Here is an hour Boot Camp class that went over really great! Several things I got from this website, so thanks to everyone for the ideas! :)

Warm-up (10 minutes)

2 push-ups, 2 squats, 2 jacks (going up by 2's-so the next one would be 4 push-ups, 4 squats, 4 jacks)-I tell them to aim for 30, but I just let them go at their own pace until I need to move on to stretches I encourage them to move fast!


Set 1: Jog/Squats & Lunges/Bicpes (12 minutes)

A. Jog 1 minute, lunge 2 laps
Jog 1 minute, side squat 2 laps
Repeat both

B. Bicep sequence with bars.- 1 minute.

Repeat both sections

Note: On the jog portion, I would assign numbers to different things. For example. If I called out "1", they all had to bend down and touch the ground then keep running. If I called out "2" they had to do 2 quick squats, then right back on the run. I called out "3" and they had to do 3 jumping jacks then right back on the run. I also told them if everyone was not quick enough, then they had to do 10 push-ups :) hehe....

Set 2: Footwork on Bench/Squats/Tricpets (10 minutes)

A. Footwork drills on the bench (Ex: left foot on bench, right foot on bench, left foot on the floor, right foot on the floor, very fast) in increments of 1 minute, 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds. In between each increment do 25 squats

B. Behind the back dips on the bench- 1 minute

Repeat both sections.

Set 3: 20/10 Sequence/Shoulders (9 minutes)

20 seconds/10 seconds

A. 20 football feet/10 march or jog
20 jumping jacks/10 march or jog
20 jump squats/ 10 march or jog
20 jump rope/10 slow heel digs
20 fast heel digs/10 march or jog
20 flurries (fast Upper cust)/10 slow speed bag
20 foot work/ 10 half speed

B. Overhead press with bars-1 minute

Repeat both sections

Set 4: Mountain Climbers/Back (4 minutes)

A. Mountain Climbers-1 minute

B. Bent over row with bar. 1 minute

Repeat both sections.

Booty Burner! (5-7 minute)

On hands and knees. Option on elbows.

  1. Bottom of shoe towards the ceiling: push up-8, hold up and pulse 8 (3 sets)
  2. Leg out to the side (like a dog peeing on a tree..hehehe), push up and down-8, hold up and pulse 8 (3 sets)
  3. Hold leg up out to the side (like in #2), kick back-8, then pulse to the front-8 (1 set)
  4. Leg out to the side (same as above) bend from knee and kick forward-8 (1 set)

Do on both legs

Then I had 10 minutes for an ABS sequence and a cool down!

Email me if you have any questions!!

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