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Hi! Here are some combos from my class last week. It's a blend of cardio and strength with a theme for each section. We used just a couple of moves to raise their heart rates, then added equipment to challenge their strength. Of course, even with just a couple of moves, begin simply, gradually adding travel, direction, intensity and impact options to draw out the combo. I hope you find something you can use!

Warmup: I used a blend of moves from the cardio section.

Combo #1 - Boot Camp

Strength: Hold a noodle while doing all the moves. Arms follow the legs on the the out/out/in/in jogs and the jacks. Use the noodle just below water level to simulate the feel of boot camp pushups on the 16x jacks. You can also have them push down on a slight decline.

Combo #2 - Kid's Play

* - They can do any combination of hops, but I cued: two hops on right foot, both feet hop, two hops on left foot, both feet hop . . . etc. Really use the imagery of throwing a stone down the driveway and hopping through the chalk blocks like a little kid.

Strength: Hold a noodle while hopping. Can hold at water level or push down with both hands. THEN, instead of high knees, straddle or wrap the noodle behind you and bicycle. We rode in laps around the pool and I told them we were riding our bikes to our friend's house to play hopscotch. If they straddle the noodle, they get great core training as well as a hard leg workout to get anywhere. If they prefer to put it behing them, ask them to ride it like a recumbant bike with their legs in front of their hips. Abs strong and no touching the floor!

Combo #3 - Slopes

Strength: Hold a noodle or bells with all the moves. On the skis, I asked them to rows both arms at once and focus on the pull back. Since we did a pushing motion in combo #1, they need the balance of a pulling motion here. On moguls, I have them either push down or imagine passing a ball to the corner as they jump. Whoosh!

Combo #4 - Fight club

With front kick, have them push forward through the ball of their foot. On side kicks, aim with their heels at someone's knee. Hi-ya!

On the punches, have them stand in a wide horse rider stance. They punch under water toward the corners or side walls keeping good posture and core positioning. Jabs are straight punches, uppercuts scoop under someone's chin and hooks are a L-shaped arm circling around to someone's ribs. White water arms!

Strength: Add bells to the combo stressing that control is more important than speed on punches.

Well, have a great week and write me with any questions!


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