"Lots Of Squats" from Jacque

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15960)

I did this last night and this morning and it went well. Good one to get the heart rate up there. Horizontal board, tapfree, reverses. 32 counts (but I'm including the moves I used to follow it, so it could be a 64 count OR 2 reversing 32s) Base with breakdown at the end.


* Power options for the 3 squats:
1. squat, squat-jump, squat
2. squat & rotate torso away from board, squat-jump-turn (do a 180 while feet switch positions), squat-jump-turn back to original position.

Non-reversing version of next 32 counts:

** Long diagonal over = diagonal with no tap, keep walking, pivot and walk back to the board. Up, up, down, down, pivot-turn, walk, walk.

*** To make the last 32 counts reverse, change the second long diagonal to a "Boomerang". See this pattern for description: pattern 15436 Jacque's Boomerang

Base & Breakdown:


Next, change the 2 knee repeater to: step-lift, tic-toc on top (4) so you now have:

I have them do this version of the pattern until they can do it without me because the next part is a VISUAL DEMO of what replaces the 3 "down-up" kicks with "double-squat & over" (the long way) 3x's.

Now "block" and teach several repetitions of the 3 squats, 2 marches with the options. This is a great interval and break from choreography.

Last, insert the squat sequence. It replaces the last 2 kicks.

Once everyone is comfy with everything so far, I demo a "back-hopturn, straddle" to replace the 1 hamcurl at the beginning. Usually add this layer the second or third day of using this combo. And it's completely optional.

After running through it using the 3 squats at the end, I use a holding pattern of "basic straddles", then add mambos, etc. I do the next part as "add-on & reduce" ... adding several repetitions of each new move. None of these moves reverse the lead, so it's a great way to lengthen the pattern. Then reduce that part and you have a reversing 64.

If we have time in class, I will change the last diagonal to a "Boomerang" so the lead changes & now it's 2 reversing 32s instead of a reversing 64.

Feel free to email me with questions.


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