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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15962)

Here's a warm up I did for last Saturday's Advanced Step class. I will include the breakdown as well.

Finished combo:

I usually start with alternating knees to the corners in my classes. Don't know why, it's just a place to start I guess. In my advanced step class I assume everyone knows what a 6 count mambo is, because it is an advanced class.

First time through:
6 count mambo & march 2X, repeater 3, alternating 2 hams

Second time:
6 count mambo & march 1X, repeater 3, basic left 2X, 2 alternating hams

Third time:
Repeater knee 3 in the center of the step and hold that. Then change it to 2 knees on top one on the floor and rock back (mambo back) and keep repeating it until most people get it.

Fourth time: (put it together)
6 count mambo & march, 2 knees up one down & rock back, basic left 2X, alternate 2 hams

Fifth time:
Time to change the 2 basics. Have them hold knee corner to corner. Show them the up up & straddle & box step around the end. If they don't like box step I usually give them the option to do a half an orbit. Do this a couple of times.

But I won't put it together yet because there's one more thing to change first.

Sixth time:
I usually say, "Do as I say, not as I do," at this point because I am going to change something but they don't know what it is yet. So while they are doing the fourth time through part that I am calling out I will show them the next part:

6 count mambo and march to the left end, 2 travel knees on top one on the floor and do a pivot turn to face the step, up & straddle, box around the end, alternate 2 hams.

When we go through this together I will throw in some alternating knees on the end of the step before we travel the knees to make sure everyone's there. After the travel knee part I will throw in a couple of alternating knees as well to make sure everyone is there again before moving on to the up & straddle.

That's basically it. When they've gotten it I take the alternating knees out and we just do it.

Any ?'s, just email.
I hope I did ok here. I'll try another one again next week.

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