FL Step 2

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15965)

This is a vertical, 32 count, tapless (except for breakdown) intermediate step pattern. It uses the bench as well as lots of the floor space.

Final Pattern:

* Walkaway mambo (1-12) - diagonal over the top (1-4), mambo front on the floor (5-6), mambo side on the floor (7-8), pivot (9-10), walk walk back to the bench [you're facing the back of the room] (11-12). I know that I stole this from someone - Carole? Jacque? Sonia? - but I can't remember who, so thank you to whomever!

** Hopturn to Broadway knee lift/karate knee (1-8) - hopturn (1-4), then walk back and do one knee lift on the floor (5-6), then walk walk back to the bench (7-8)

*** 3-point turn (1-8) - begins like a regular turnstep but without taps. Assuming right lead, right foot up (1), left foot up and to other corner (2), right foot to the floor while left foot lifts slightly (3), left foot returns to the bench (4), right foot steps back up to the bench to its original place (5), left foot exits to the floor by the bench near the right foot (6), right foot exits the bench to the floor behind the right foot and rocks [like a mambo] while the left foot lifts slightly (7), left foot steps in place (8)





Introduce and practice Broadway knee lifts from alternating knee lifts.



Introduce and practice the hopturn to Broadway knee lift. Usually I start by just practicing a hopturn and a basic.






It was a lot of fun and it's nice to use the floor as well as the bench to get really moving!

Email with questions. Enjoy!

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