Florida Super Advanced Tapless

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Step horizontal; (counts) are given in parenthesis

W Bench E

Easy Pattern 1 (right lead, self-reversing)

Moderate Pattern 2 (right lead, self-reversing):

Advanced Pattern 3 (right lead, self-reversing):

Good luck! Have fun with it!
Michele, Ph.D

* Kick (1,2) then exit (3,4) walk around the East end on the floor (4)

** You are facing South with left lead; step up while turning clockwise to face North (1,2), tap left (3,4), tap right (5,6) exit on South side of bench (7,8)

*** No tapdown on the turn: right up bench (1), left up bench (2), right down floor lifting left foot up (3), left down bench (4), right down bench (5), left down floor lifting right foot up (6), step up right & left (7,8)

**** V-step with one foot on bench and one on floor starting with left foot: facing South, left foot on West side of bench (1), right foot on West floor (2), left foot box step (3,4), cha cha cha (left, right, left) (5 and 6), repeat to East side of bench (7-12)

***** Broadway knee: step knee (1,2) or pivot (1,2), walk back 3 (3,4,5), lift opposite knee (6), walk back up 2 (7,8)

^ A-step on bench facing East (4), A-step on floor facing West (4)

^^ Stomp right foot bench (1), left foot floor South side (2), right foot floor North side (3), left foot floor South side (4), right foot bench (5), left foot floor South side (6), mambo back floor right left (7,8)

^^^ O-step: turn, straddle, turn, straddle

^^^^ Walk the Plank: Facing West, walk on top right and left (1,2), step off right into a V still facing West (3), step off left WIDE still facing West (4), walk right left right on floor on South side of bench towards the East OR spin: turning clockwise, heading East, step right on floor turning to face North (5), step left on floor turning to face South (6), step right on floor turning to face North (7), mambo left foot floor towards East (8,9,10), double knee with a right foot lead (11-16)

*^ With a left lead: 1/2 "L" (4) step left on step (5) turning clockwise finish "L" facing the back of the room (6-7) continuing turning clockwise to face the front (8), repeat other side (8)

**^^ Easy: shuffle turn 4x (16)
Moderate: shuffle towards West then straddle (4) while facing West, shuffle backwards to East then straddle (4) repeat (16)
Advanced (super): shuffle towards East on the bench (1 & 2) exit East side right left (3,4) on the floor, turning clockwise, shuffle East right, left, right (ON the floor) (5 & 6) on the floor still turning clockwise step left, right so you end facing East; repeat (8)

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