Multi-task 2 minute ab routine

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Hey all:

This is as simple as it gets, but effective and has many uses! I recently attended a seminar for folks over 50 who train in karate. (that's me!) And I must acknowledge sei shihan william best for this submission idea. Osu!

Cue members to lie prone on mats, arms bent at elbows, palms flat on floor, thumbs lined up with nipple line (as opposed to shoulder line)

Inhale and upon exhalation, members push up into a plank position. Cue ab retraction, head-neck on same line as spine, and ask them to hold this position for 2 minutes.

So what's the many uses? Well, this was introduced to me as an isometric warmup for those of us with aging bodies! By holding the plank for 2 minutes your circulation begins to increase dramatically warming upper and lower body muscles without repetative muscular contractions. It works!

But I also found it useful as an ending challenge to an ab routine, an inclusion into a core routine, a repeated 2 min challenge in a kick box routine, and a variation warmup for any class.


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