3 Simple Little Circuits with XerTubes & Bells

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Hello! I taught this routine this morning. We got a good workout and used some different equipment for variety.

Use any warmup you like. I did some of the moves (like the repeater knees) in the warmup as a preview. I also previewed how to hold the tubes before I started the music to cut down on explanations when our heart rates are higher. We also did all the moves without equipment first so they knew what to do when we added the resistance.

Warmup - Anything you like

#1 - Strength Circuit

Repeat on other lead

I set up the two base moves. On the repeater, I had them begin the knees, then hold the left arm straight out. Then they pulled the right elbow back as they lift the right knee.

Strength circuit with tubes: hold the tubes or rubber bands in front of the body. For the repeaters, hold one arm long in front while the other rows (strengthens lats, traps, rhomboids, etc.) For the jogs, open the arms wide under the water (again, works back muscles)

Interval challenge: no equipment. We kept the same two moves, but added travel to the repeater knees (if repeating the right knee, travel to right), and sped up the jogs. To increase intensity on the repeaters, I counted backward from '8' and they tried to increase the number of knee lifts from one side of the pool to the other.

#2 - Strength Circuit

Strength circuit with tubes: hold the tube or rubber band behind you. For the 1/2 jacks, you can hold the left arm straight out to side while the right leg and arm lift (works medial delt, arms, etc.). Or you can pull both arms wide as the leg lifts. For the skis, do alternating or double arm chest presses. The tube will be under the armpits around the ribcage. (Works chest, shoulders, triceps)

Interval challenge: same two moves, but no equipment. Option to any kind of jack (cheerleader, power jacks, low, fast, etc.) for 30 seconds and any kind of ski for 30 seconds. I did completely suspended skis but gave the option for slideboard skis, power skis, etc. We did three rounds of cardio intervals with those two moves.

#3 - Strength Circuit

Strength circuit with bells: just do the moves as written, but on the kicks, you'll be training the triceps as you push the bell down into the water and on the pendulums you'll be working the biceps as you curl into your body.

Interval challenge: same moves, no equipment, can alter the moves for variety or just coach intensity in ROM and acceleration. I coached them to kick long and strong while legs were cutting through the water like a knife. On the pendulums, I gave the option for any arms or no arms (hold hands behind back), while coaching a hard push off the floor to propel the other leg out.

To finish, we cooled down with small movements and did some frog crunches without equipment (aim elbows to or outside of knees as you jump wide knees up).

Then I had them stand with feet wider than shoulders, arms hanging to their sides and close their eyes. I asked them to find their center and proper posture and to experience the water gently pushing at them from all sides. We gradually brought the feet closer until they were side by side. I used this to illustrate how the water is always pushing on us throughout class and our core keeps us upright and balanced from beginning to end.

Final stretches and bye-bye!

Hope you can find something here that you can use or inspires you to do something even better in your next class.

Lisa :)

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