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Combo #1 64 count self-reversing.

* Triple split lunges. You are starting from a straddle position. It's a split lunge (also known as a split basic?) but instead of lunging 2 times, you lunge 6 times. So, from a straddle position its. Up/up (1,2) lunge right (3,4) lunge left (5,6) lunge right (7,8) lunge left (9,10) lunge right (11,12) lunge left (13,14) straddle back down (15,16). To advance this i take the middle 2 lunges (counts 7-10) and lunge them off the back of the step.

Combo #2 64 count self-reversing

I've taught my participants that whenever theres a tap we add a knee lift instead, so these combos are tap-less with that in mind (except in the case of the charlestons and charleston straddles)

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