June 2006 Hi/Lo I

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15928)

I've been visiting this site for years to shake things up a bit in my own choreography writing, so this is my chance to return the favor. For what it's worth I favor longer patterns (64 counts) with comfortable lead exchanges. Also, my current class format is a blend of hi/lo choreography segments and simple athletic drill segments. I do block the choreography over the course of the class, but offer the drills as a mental breather. I'll skip the drill work since this is a hi/lo exchange post.

My choreography is simple, so I try to keep things interesting by changing a pattern or two each week and the drills every week. This week I'm introducing a new pattern 1 and 3, while pattern 2 was introduced last week. Also, I introduce my choreography in little chunks to "build the pattern" and I show those little chunks with a blank line within each pattern.

Here's the choreography that I'm doing this afternoon...

Pattern 1: (right lead)

(Repeat left lead)

* Hustle with knee pivot - 3 count hustle to the lead wall (right to right wall, left to left wall) on count 4 lift the opposite knee and pivot 180 degrees over that shoulder. All pivots will be to the front of the room. The "knee" leg becomes the new lead as it comes down for the return trip's count 1.

Pattern 2: (right lead)

(Repeat left lead)

* Slow hip/butt walk - similiar to a step touch forward/backward, perform a half-time walk with wide steps leading with the hips when going forward or butt when going back.

* Reverse V-steps - similar to a traditional V-step, but the steps are taken back-back-front-front instead of front-front-back-back.

Pattern 3: (right lead)

(Repeat left lead)

*Pivot Taps (right,front-) - for the right lead the members are pivoting on their left toe. Count 1: tap right toe right. Count 2: right knee lift and pivot the right hip 90 degrees to the front of the room. Count 3: tap right toe front. Count 4: right knee lift and pivot the right hip back 90 degrees back to where it started. Counts 5-9: repeat counts 1-4. For this to flow smoothly the members should use the momentum of the knee lift to lighten the load on their support leg to help enable the pivot. In a way this is propulsive, but they don't need to leave the ground.

I know how confusing this stuff can be, especially since we're so used to how we teach, but please feel free to email me with questions.


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