Jacque's Cha-cha Straddle-Stomp

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15934)

32 counts, reversing, final is tapfree. I do use some taps in the breakdown, which is included at the bottom. Horizontal board.


I cue this part "go home, LEFT basic". If I have to, I say "no tap".

Repeat these 16 counts beginning with a left lead. I stay with this until I layer in the other options. Beginners can stay with this if they wish however.

Option 2: This is a prelude to option 3

Repeat these 16 counts beginning with a left lead. Then layer in Option 3, which adds power to Option 2:

Repeat these 16 counts beginning with a left lead until everyone is comfy with something! LOL

Next go to a corner to corner alternating kick holding pattern. From there teach: kick-walk-back, kick walk-forward on both leads. Let them know that your are going to "blend" this into the previous pattern:

Do a corner-corner holding pattern for 8 counts and then a repeater to change the lead. Repeat the pattern beginning with a left lead.

Now go back to the "kick-walk-back, kick-walk-forward" move. From here, teach it with a hopturn for the first kick. Repeat several times; change your lead and do it on the other lead leg.

Next you can do:

Repeat leading left. (32)

Now you are reading to put the last part in with the original pattern for your final!

Feel free to email me with questions.


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