Wear 'em out!!!

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15717)

This is one of my favorite routines....I do it myself when I'm at the pool in the summer. It will definitely wear most people out!


Get them going with a jog.

  1. 20 Big arm circles to the back -- cue breast stroke arms with cupped hands, really working, keeping high knees on the jog.
    Count the circles, pacing the count with someone who is working hard. I usually pick someone out (I teach on deck) and stick with 'em.
  2. 20 Big arm circles forward-- cue "gather water in" with cupped hands. Keep high knees.
  3. 20 Long leg kicks forward (20 each leg). One foot stays grounded, alternating legs (although they are going to want to bounce, try to keep them from doing this yet). Tell them not to kick too high to start, ease into the kicks.
    Once they get going with the kicks, tell them to beging reaching out toward their calf and ankle while kicking, working gradually faster and faster, longer and longer legs.
  4. 20 Quick kicks forward with a little bounce.
  5. 20 Long leg kicks to the back. One leg grounded, alternating legs. Cue them to lean forward with each kick so as not to hyperextend the back (more like a hip hinge with a back kick). As they kick and lean, arms push the water up in front. As they get into it, get them moving faster, really working the resistance in the water.
  6. 20 Quick kicks to the back with a bounce, alternating arms forward. (these are little kicks).
  7. 20 Side kicks, one leg grounded, alternating. Cue them to lean from side to side (away from the leg kicking up). Like a "swing and sway" in the shallow. Cue them to get the arms working in the water too, back and forth from side to side.
  8. 20 Pendulum swings with a little bounce, lots of arms. Tell them you want to hear lots of water moving, little conversation.
  9. Repeat steps 1 and 2. By now their arms will be feeling it a little if they've been working.
  10. 10 Jacks with arms touching in front at chest level.
  11. 10 Jacks with arms touching in back.
  12. 10 Cross jacks. Power here, really get them to work the water with their arms.
  13. 10 Jacks with a tuck in the middle. They will have to get down in the water and use their arms pushing down to get the knees to tuck up.
  14. 10 Cross country skier, cue forward arm movement emphasis (cup hand and pitch the water forward).
  15. 10 Cross country skier, cue backward arm movement (pull the water down).
  16. 10 Cross country emphasis both movements.
  17. 10 Cross country with a tuck in the middle.
  18. Repeat arm circles one last time- steps 1 and 2. They will be tired of this by now but keep them going by telling them it is the last time they will have to do it.
  19. Interval biceps. Get them in a wide knee jog. Pull the water up vigorously in front of them for 15 seconds. It should look like boiling water in front of them. 15 second recovery. Second interval 30 seconds, 15 second recovery, third interval 45 seconds.
  20. Interval triceps. Wide knee jog again. Push the water down vigorously with cupped hands, working quickly for 15 seconds. second interval 30 seconds. third interval 45 seconds.
    By now, they will be tired of arms, but glad because they did it.
  21. Abs. In the shallow, have them find a place at the wall. They will be holding on to the wall at first. Have them jump up a little and tuck the knees up and just tap the wall in front of them, then tap the floor. Cue for them just to use the wall as help (no death grips on the wall as hands and wrists will tire).
    Some of the people will be able to do these jump/tuck/taps without holding on to the wall at all. Simply scull the water down as you tuck and tap, scull up as you bring the feet back down. Recommend to try this yourself first. If you do it this way, the excercise works even more of your abdominals. It is like a little crunch. Some will get this, some won't. Keep this up for 1 minute.
  22. Obliques. Still in shallow at wall. Have them turn to the side and tap the wall with both feet, then tap the floor. Same as above, some will need to hang on to the wall, some will be able to move their arms around in the water in front side to side so they won't have to. Some will only be able to lift one leg up to the side.
    Keep this up for 1 minute.
  23. 15 Wall push ups or pull ups or whatever they can do (some can just push off and swim back for that time).
  24. Obliques other side (#21).
  25. Back to center abs (#20).
  26. 15 Wall push-ups.
  27. By now they will be ready to go deep. Have them grab a noodle and straddle it. Tell them to make a big circle in the pool. Cross country in the deep water, when they get to the shallow they must lift their feet up, legs straight ahead of them, like they are in a kayak, arms breast stroke. Cue they must stay up straight and keep their posture. Those who lean back are cheaters. Have them do 2 laps. Cross country deep, kayak shallow. Some will forget to switch back in the deep....remind them.
  28. Repeat #26 but backward laps.
  29. Intervals in the deep. Have everyone find a spot.
    There will be 4 patterns--Start with 30 seconds each interval. Have them swim down to the shallow and back 2 times using whatever move you prefer. When they come back, increase interval time to 45 seconds. Swim down and back again. Last interval is 1 minute.
  30. If you have time at the end, do some weights with the bouys, otherwise stretch em out in the shallow. They will be tired.

That's all the time I have. I wanted to give back some since I use this site all the time.

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