Bugs Bunny 32

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I used the fact that the Jack has no "lead leg" per se to come up with two options. Assume right lead for both option descriptions.

Option #1

Repeat left

Option #2

Repeat left

L-jack stomp: 1/2 L-step (or "hop turn") off end; jumping jack x 1; stomp on short end of step, ready to proceed into X-step with same lead foot as stomp. So, in option #1, call "right stomp" out of the jack. In option #2, call "left stomp".

Power step-abduction: from the now-straddled position you're in from finishing X-step, step up-up popping the leg out to the side in abduction (on 2), then straddle down. I break this down as just step up-up, straddle down-down (like a side entry basic), then add power "if desired". In option #1, you step up right-left, and, as left foot hits bench, you pop/swing right leg into abduction, straddling down right-left. In option #2, it's the exact opposite.

Bugs Bunny repeater (option #1): step knee-at short end, right foot on SW corner of bench, left knee up (1,2), touch left foot down behind obliquely right/across, left knee up (3,4), touch left foot down straight back or slightly back and to left side, left knee up (5,6), exit left, right (7,8). I either lace fingers and pump down and up in front of me, or flap arms out to side, with arms/hands coming down whenever knee comes up. Also, I have the knees pointed out to side during-"frog style". Hmmm- Maybe should change name- Anyhow, I think I've seen this called "Funky Repeater".

Alternating Bugs Bunny (option #2): same as above, only alternating legs vs. repeater-style. In this option (#2), you're at short end, stepping with left foot onto NW corner of bench (thus the need to call out a lead switch for the stomp as you come out of the jack): step left foot, right knee (1,2), touch right foot down behind and obliquely left/across (3), right knee up (4), exit onto floor right foot-home side, near SW corner of bench (5), left knee up (6), touch behind and obliquely right/across (7), left knee up (8).

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