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Here it goes! I have been using this site for years and finally decided to give back. Here is a fun advanced, tapless (of course), horizontal, single step routine. All combos start with a right foot lead at the west corner.

Repeat on left lead

* Knee to corner (1-4), mambo on left (5) right (6) on the ground towards the back right corner of the room, left foot back towards front left corner (7) and leap lifting right leg behind you on beat (8). You could also do 1 knee and just mambo cha the floor here. The leap is very fun. You are then back on a right foot lead for the 2 knee repeater.

Repeat on left lead

* Repeater knee rock back - Right lead repeater knee to the corner, on the exit you will rock back on the floor. So you exit left foot on beat 7 still facing west rock back on the right foot on the floor on beat 8, rock forward on the floor using left foot on beat 9. I teach this adding a stomp to the west corner on beat 10, exit beat 11 and 12 and then basic out to make 16. You can go from side to side this way to teach this move. Once they have it, I take out the exit and basic to add the cut. You can also pump up the repeater portion however you like. I like to make it a repeater shuffle rock back.

** I would teach a 6 mambo here first. Stomp each corner and march on beats 7 and 8. Then I teach them the full 6 mambo cut. Facing the west with the right hip toward bench right foot goes on the bench on beat 1, cross left foot behind right on beat 2 it touches the floor on the front of the bench, right foot comes to front of bench on floor on beat 3, you then go back, left foot on bench beat 4, right foot crosses to home behind left foot on beat 5, left foot home on beat 6. The combo above calls for 1/2 cut and then simply go over the top to home.

*** Chasse Over - This is a syncopated move. You will start with a left lead. You go over top left foot (1), Right foot to top of bench on (and), left foot to floor on front of bench on beat 2. So it is 1 and 2. You then go over right left (3,4) and exit 5,6. You then repeat on the right lead for a total of 12 beats. I call the beats when I am teaching this until they have it. The syncopation can be challenging.

Repeat on left lead

* Wind up - Right foot lead on the west corner. 1 knee, turning in and floating over the top, left foot to floor on front of the bench on beat 3, right heel to bench on beat 4 facing the back of the room, right foot back to bench on beat 5, pull left knee on beat 6 and turn to exit home on 7,8. This is a hard one to explain. You could do any repeater here as long as it switches the lead leg so that you are ready to do the stomp on the left foot.

** 6 Mambo Straddle - Once again they need to know the basic 6 mambo. All you do then is step over the bench and stomp on the floor on the front. This takes a lot of leg power. You have to get low and it moves fast. They could choose to do the regular 6 mambo here. The over the top after the 6 mambo straddle comes from the straddle position and would be a left lead and then a right lead over when you start the combo on the left lead. You have to cue hard here to get them to go over out of the straddle.

Hope I wasn't too wordy! Feel free to ask questions.

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From: Powell, Ohio (USA)
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