Tapless Advanced #2

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15726)

Each pattern is a tapless 32 count, self-reversing and designed to do twice (64). I hope you enjoy!

*L-mambo shuffle: (right lead) L-step (4), finish with knee in the air, mambo front (6), cha cha or shuffle (8) you are now ready for corner kicks

*Shuffle stroll: Regular shuffle 2x (8), (shuffle straddle works well here), shuffle (10), walk away 2 counts (12), push turn or mambo and walk back to the corner of the step (16)

*Special K: Like a regular K-step - side to the step, step up right, curl left (2), step down left, curl R, (4), step curl around the end of the board on the floor (8), repeat on other side (16).

*Pendulum: Introduction, step up and march for 4, exit (8) Then for the pendulum step up right, left, (2), small leg swing right/left/right/left, exit (8).

*Skate off: Introducion, step up and alternate 3 curls on top, exit (8), eventually, alternate the three curls off the corner (6), walk walk to the other end (8).

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