Make 'Em Work (Tapless) with Cardio Intervals Part 1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15727)

I do a pattern on the step then I take one move from that pattern and I really work it as a cardio interval.

Step Pattern #1

Cardio Interval #1

For this interval I take the shuffle all the way around the bench and I make it bigger. I do a shuffle right then 2 jacks. I then repeat that to the left. I shuffle right 2 jacks left 2 jacks for 1 minute. I then take this move around the bench. So you shuffle right 2 jacks. On the 2 jacks you turn out to face the wall. You now shuffle left 2 jacks. On this set of jacks you turn in so that you face the back of the room. You are making a big square. Repeat this as many times as you see fit.

Step Pattern #2

***On the 3 basics I do the following. I jog up and down for the first basic. I hop up and step down for the second basic and I keep the third basic as a basic.

Cardio Interval #2

For this interval I have the participants pick the jog basic or the hop basic and I have them do that for 1 minute non stop.

Step Pattern #3

*For the repeater i do a repeater ball change. So it's knee-ball change-knee. count it as 1,2 3&4, 5,6,7,8)

**You step over the bench (you are now straddling the bench) and march 4 times then do the power knee. After they master that I change the march to a fast football run. So its 1&2&3&4 then I hop into the power knee. The march or the run is not on the bench at all it is all on the floor. It is not like running tires.

***Power knee is a hop up into a knee instead of a step up.

Cardio Interval #3

For this interval I take the football run and I work it hard. I change it to a tire run. So they go up up down down fast. The low option is to straddle instead. I do this for at least 1 minute.

After I build each pattern I put them together. This includes the Cardio Intervals.

Have fun with it. Email me with any questions. There is more to this routine I just don't have time to post it all right now.

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