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I thought I would write in! I use this site all of the time! My students think I am a genius, and some think I read medieval torture books for patterns. I teach at a senior facility and we always mix things up. They love patterns that are social, so I will give you this one. It usually takes up 20 minutes of time.

Using A Noodle

Have the group form a circle. Tell them to all face RIGHT one behind the other. I usually give them a move to do "in between" what I call the "switch" routine.

The "in between move":

Lots of variation with this routine:

Use switch variety:

  1. Switch noodle to the "inside" of the circle, backwards. Then switch to person in front of you instead of behind!
  2. Switch your noodle with the person behind you. With your noodle in the "smile position" in front of each participant, one facing behind the other. Flip the noodle over your head, to the person behind you!
  3. Have them face the inside of the circle, lay noodles on the top of the water surface. Then pass them in one direction leaving floating on the surface of the water. I call it "LOG JAM" and they will get all mixed up and there will be a slow person, but all in good fun.

Use variety in the in between moves:

  1. 1.Use jacks instead of cross-country skis. Noodle "pumps" up and and down, or in and out.
  2. 2.Use frog hops one behind the other plunging the noodle down as they travel around in circle.
  3. 3.They could do high knees...endless possiblities!

Lastly use variety in the direction of the circle, have them face right, one behind the other traveling, or left traveling. Backwards traveling, one behind the other. All sorts of fun to be had! Sometimes I will bring a big beach ball (inflatable) and tell them to use their noodles like a crab claws to pass the ball around in the circle! Man do they laugh! Have fun with this!

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