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I ran out of time the other day when I did advanced rock and mambo, so I wanted to input the rest of the workout. Single, horizontal and of course always tapless. All combos start with a right lead at the west corner. I like the off beat stuff which you will find a lot of here. It can be challenging to teach but very fun once they get it. Here it goes!

Combo 1

Repeat on left lead

* Shuffle straddle - like a shuffle turn but you straddle the bench instead of exiting. The count would be 1&2, straddle on 3&4. When I teach this combo I break this move out on its own and do a couple of times in a row so they get the feel.

** 3 Quick lunges - This is actually like a quick leg change. So from the top you lunge quickly right left right on beats 1,2,3. The right leg becomes a knee on beat 4 immediately out of the lunge. You straddle the bench down down, right left on beats 5, 6 and come back up to the top of bench still facing east right left on beats 7,8.

Combo 2

Repeat on left lead

* Ham me up - Hamstring curl to west corner (1,2), left foot to floor on home side (3), hamstring curl right leg (4), right foot to floor on front of the bench (5), hamstring curl left leg (6), left foot to bench on front west corner for hamstring curl (7,8), right foot to floor on front of bench (9), hamstring left foot (10), left foot to floor on home side (11), hamstring curl right lead (12). When I teach this I cue 1 ham on the bench and 2 hams on the floor which is what all that above is. I will do this a couple times in a row so they get it.

** Reverse turn stomp - This comes out of the ham me up. You will be facing the west corner with the right leg in ham position to start beat 13. I am not a fan of taps but I used it here BRIEFLY so they could see where the reverse turn started. So you reverse turn righ left (1,2), stomp the floor with right foot facing east (3), reverse back up left right (4,5) and then exit to face front again (6,7). Do not linger or exit on the stomp. It is a simple one beat touch the floor. They will want to exit here so you will have to cue to stay on.

Feel free to email with questions! I am out of time again. There is more, I will add later. Happy Stepping!

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From: Powell, Ohio (USA)
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