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I teach a 55 minute core condition class. Since many members like to get some cardio work as well as ab work, we do the first half of the class while standing yet still focus on core strength. Here are some moves we do.

Runners Squat

Start by squatting with one foot forward and the other back as you might be at the start of a race. Swing arms in an upper cut motion as if you are running fast. Keep the core tight and the hips as stable as possible. The lower the squat, the more leg work and increased cardio. I usually do 30 seconds each side. Another variation is to switch feet every few seconds. Participants can change feet by stepping the forward foot back or they can hop switching both feet positons.

Standing Side Crunches

Standing on one leg, keeping the knee soft and tighting the thigh and gluts, lift the other knee to the side focusing on contracting through the side. I cue that its like trying to pull your armpit to your hip. I do 20 to 30 each side. To increase the challenge and improve balance, encourage participants to NOT put their foot down to the floor after each knee lift.

Another variation of this is to lift the leg straight out to the side.

Standing Knee Crunches

This is similar to the move above except that you pull the knee up in front of the body and focus on contracting through the abs. Have people start by having hands reaching up overhead and the leg you are going to lift extending behind. Then contract pulling the knee and arms together. This works best when leaning slightly forward instead of standing straight up and down. But, members need to keep the back straight and a tight core to protect the back in this position. Cue to have the standing (supporting) leg slightly bent (working the leg as well) and not to straighten the standing leg as they pull the knee into the chest. This can be done on the floor or for more work in the standing/supporting leg, they can use a step. The standing leg is on the step and other other leg pulls in. Again, if they don't bob up (straighten the standing leg) while doing the crunch, they work the leg and glutes as well.

Squat/Knees with body bar

Let the body bar rest across the back of the shoulders. Make sure participants don't hold it up on the neck or too low on the shoulders. Also, cue them not to pull on it with the hands that are holding it. Hands should be light, keeping the bar in position. Squat and then do a knee lift, pulling it across the body while twisting the upper body as if you wanted to touch the right knee to the left elbow. Squat again, lifing the knee on the other side.

Kick Boxing moves

Almost any kick boxing move works the abs, upper back and shoulders. I focus on jabs, crosses, uppercuts and hooks. For added cardio, I have them do some punches while in a wide squat.

Forward knees and kicks, and round house kicks are also good for working the core while also increasing heart rate.

Grab and Shoot - (need a ball or can simulate)

Pretend to be playing basketball in which you reach to the side to catch a pass and then turn forward to shoot a basket. People can actually hop when they shoot or they can just lift up on the toes for non-impact.

Wacky Jacks

These are kind of like a move I know as a Tic Tock in which you alternate hopping from foot while the other swings out to the side. This variation has your hands extending out to the side with elbows bent so that the hands are towards the ceiling. As you switch foot to foot, you contract through the side pulling the elbow of one hand down towards the hip (kind of like the standing side crunch). This can be done without the hopping simply by alternating lifting legs to side while contracting.

Other good excersices do use the floor but keep the heart rate up are: squat thrusts (sometimes I add a push up and/or a jump to it) and mountain climbers.

During the class I put together 3 - 6 exercised that we repeat in a cirucit for 25-30 minutes. For example, we might do standing crunches, wacky jacks and squat thrusts, repeating twice. Then we do three other excersices, repeating again.

Then we do floor work :)

Hope you got some new ideas.

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