Water Football game

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15744)

I have used this game in water fitness classes as well as swim lessons and everybody seems to have fun with it!

For fitness class I do a warm-up session followed by 'pre-season conditioning drills' including jumping jacks, jump ropes, wide-leg/tire jogs, directional change running in place drills and then out come the 'cheerleaders' doing various scissors and straddle jumps along with back lunges and high legs kicks (like the Rockettes!)

Then I divide the class into 2 teams and line them up on opposite sides of the pool.

The rules are simple:

If I notice the participants are having difficulty scoring I'll mention that it seems to work best if you get 'froze' to pass the ball to a teammate at the opposite side of the pool from you and as far forward as possible without breaking the rule of 'no throwing in front' - many times I see them throwing to the person closest to them and getting nowhere fast or the other team getting an interception and that's not fun so I try and make it more exciting by giving them some strategy if they haven't done well in the first 3-4 minutes.

I spend 10 minutes on warm-up and another 10-15 on the pre-season drills before playing the football game for 15-20 minutes. Then we do our normal strength and flexibility work for the remainder of class. This game gets quite competitive and is very fun for the classes.

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