Sunshine Kicks

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 15745)

My classes hate these...because they work! They work the abs as well as the glutes and legs.

Start by using a chair or resistance ball to balance with, we use the ball, it's much harder to balance, therefore, using your core more. Start with your left leg, knee bent (soft). Put all of your weight on this leg. (I instruct that your foot should be "under your chest.) Your hands will be on the ball (you are standing, in a bent over fashion) and with the weight on the left leg, begin by lifting the right leg as high as you can in the air. I instruct them not to "throw or swing the leg", but to lift it, concentrating on the heel.

I count 10 on the right and immediately switch to the left, then I switch back and count down as 10,8,6,4,2..then to burn it out we do right leg, left leg as 1 set, working to 10.

If you don't feel this in the glutes the next day, I'll be shocked!!

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From: Lake Placid, Florida (USA)
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