Double Dutch Step "7-style"

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15752)

3 32-count combos, right lead assumed in all blocks, tapless intermediate choreo. Counts, direction and lead legs in parentheses. Moves that are marked with an asterisk (*) are explained below.

Steps are positioned like this, in the shape of the number 7:


          |    HOME    |
          |            |
                        |     |
                        |  A  |
                        |  W  |
          inside        |  A  |
                        |  Y  |

Block 1

Ready to repeat on Away step leading left, or continue with block 2

Block 2

Ready to repeat on Away step leading left, or continue with block 3

Block 3

Ready to repeat on Away step leading left, or weave, and start at 1 again!

* Repeater switch straddle: base move is a repeater knee, exit (8) with two marches and a double ham curl (8). I then add the rhythm facing the front and don't add the straddles until they've got the base.

You are facing west as if you are about to go into a regular repeater straddle. Right foot goes to step (1), left knee lifts (2), left foot goes back to floor (3), switch feet with a jump on count (4) to a straddle position: left leg ends on step, right foot on floor at the outside of the step. right knee lifts (5), exit in straddle position right and left (6,7). Then stomp the step with right foot, exit left, right, still in straddle (8-10). You are ready to do the double ham curl with left on the outside of the Home step.

**L-mambo: base move = regular L-step (8). Right foot to short end, lift left knee (1,2), left foot to floor at west side of step (3), rock back with right foot while left foot lifts (4), left foot back to floor (5), right foot to step at west short end (6), exit left, right (7,8). Use your hips and booty!

***Repeater kick & slap: base move is repeater kick (8). Now, right up and left kick on (1,2), step back charleston-style on (3,4), but go down into that lunge and slap the step with your hand (on count 4), kick again on (5,6) and exit (7,8)

I hope you have fun with this! Email with questions or feedback!


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