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Here's my latest, advanced, tap free, assumes a right lead. Horizontal bench, 64 counts total 128 self-reversing. Thanks to all who post and I am sure you will recognize some of your stuff so thanks again.

Combo I

Total 64 counts

* Side approach T-step. On the chat boards we were talking about T-steps recently and I'd forgotton this one. Side approach step up right and left onto bench (2) Straddle bench right and left (2) right foot on bench, lift left knee (2), exit off small end left and right (2)

** Sonia's repeater left-step (I make the distinction because in another combo I will post I have my own repeater left-step. Hers is done on the bench and mine is done on the floor) Step up right foot at left corner as usual, lifting left knee (2), left foot taps floor on left side of bench, then extend left leg out to side (2), left foot taps floor at left side of bench, then lift left knee (2), exit home left and right (2).

*** Charleston ski (this is Carole move and I've used it a few times and I love it). Right foot at left corner do 1 charleston kick (4) then do 4 fast or 2 slow ski's moves on floor (4) Encourage big arms.

Combo II

Total 64 counts

* V-Hangover - side approach do a V-step using both the bench and the floor. Right foot on bench (1) left foot out on floor (1), right foot back to floor (1), left foot steps back in on floor (1)

** Shuffle, shuffle walk, walk, mambo pivot - mouthfull simply start with a shuffle (as if to do a shuffle turn, but replace the turn with walk walk) So right lead shuffle, shuffle (2), left, right walk, walk (2) left foot mambo pivot back to bench (4). This is a lead changer

*** Broadway knee - Not sure if I saw this posted by someone or I came up with it myself but here goes. Start right foot at left corner, lift left knee (2), step down left and right starting to turn away from bench on floor (2) step forward on floor left, lifting right knee (2), right and left, step back on floor turning towards bench (2). This part totals 8 counts. Then right foot 1/2 of a revolving door (over turn) (4). On North side of bench right foot steps forward on floor and lift left knee (2), left and right step back turning toward bench (2). This part total 8 counts and you are now facing the back wall.

Combo III

Total 64 counts

* Reverse split - lunge, heel extend. I picked this up at a workshop recently. Basically it's a slightly different take on a reverse split basic. Step up right and left turning to back wall (2) right 1 lunge back with right foot (1) Bring Right foot toward left hand behind your back (1). Extend right foot out to side and back (2), exit to floor on north side of bench, facing back wall right and left (2)

** A-step kick back - same workshop, did a little kick boxing on the bench, from the A-step, she kicked her inside leg back (taking out the tap), while performing a kick boxing move with her arm (I don't teach kick boxing so I don't have a clue, but the arm came from the side)

*** 1/2 turn, side lunges. Step up right and left do a 1/2 turnstep (2), staying on bench, side lunge right (2), left (2), exit to floor right and left turning (2)

A - center of bench, 1/2 rocking horse forward pivot. Right foot on bench, curl, knee 1/2 rocking horse (4) since right knee in hanging in air, put right foot on bench and forward pivot to North side (4). Ready to start over with left foot.

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

* V-cha cha. Step up right and left into a V-step (2), step down to floor right do a ball change left,right (2). Do this again with the left lead

** After you do 2 V-cha cha, your feet will want to go back up into V-step with the right foot, so let them. Go up right and left (2) step in, right foot on bench, lift left knee (2), exit to floor left and right (2). Do 1 jack on floor (2)

*** Linda's repeater left-step (Done on the floor). Start right foot at left corner, lift left knee (2), step down on side of bench left foot, lift right knee (2). Step forward on floor right foot, lift left knee (2), step back on floor left foot, lift right knee (2). Your right knee is now hanging in the air ready to start rocking horse from the small end home.

***** Stomp around the world - stomp straddle, stomp travel, stomp straddle, stomp travel (12 counts)

I hope you enjoy these. As usual email questions.


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