Come Fly with Me

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This is my first entry. I thought it was about time I shared too. Hope all this makes sense!

I do each of these routines by themselves, and break it down. Then when they've got it I add on the next one and then the next until they've done them all. By the end of an hour we've gone through the first one several times so it'll be ready to be kicked out by the end of the week and I rotate a new phrase in for the following week.





* Skate step - three alternating hamstring curls on top of bench, exit

** Slow-V slide - this is a V-step slowed down. Up right foot for 2 counts - up left foot for 2 counts (feet are now wide on the bench) Slide the right foot toward the left foot (2 counts) and exit left side (2 counts)

*** Flying angel - up- hop twice on right foot on top of bench as you swing left leg to side (abduction) (1-2),bring left leg down - down - hop twice on left leg extend (abduct) right leg over bench (3,4)- up- hop twice on right foot extend to side (abduct) left leg (5,6) and exit to home (7,8) - this move is like a double pump pendulum done from floor to step/step to floor/floor to step

**** Back up the bus - step knee (1,2) and hop three times (3,4,5) on right foot on floor, moving backwards around end of bench to home from side of bench, step knee exit (6,7,8). I go "beep, beep, beep" as I back it up - like a bus. The class roars.

***** Stagger step - it's a chug with your right foot on top of the bench (1,2), over the bench on the floor on the other side (3,4), back on top (5,6) and then back home (7,8).

****** Rubberband - from end of bench go up-up (1,2) lunge right 2X's (3,4,5,6) exit to right (7,8)

I hope you can make heads or tails with this. When it's done, it's so much fun!!!! Have a great day!!!

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