Athletic Circuit

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This is a fun cardio circuit class. The athletic theme keeps it interesting. It's pretty intense so I have recovery stations for the members to go to between combinations. I'll have them recover for a minute or two then come back to the middle for the next combo. Sorry for being so wordy, but I want to make sure that it makes sense.

I set up the recovery stations around the room. Every other station has a step. I work at a small gym and hardly ever have more than 8 people attending so you may have to come up with more stations. Here they are:

Step: Skate hi = 3 hams on top of the step
No step: skate lo = step tap with toe behind / arms moving skate style

Step: soccer traps = tap foot on bench like you are trapping a soccer ball
No step: walk in place

Step: play catcher = squat with one foot on the bench hands in front like you have a catcher's glove (3 slow squats then walk around to the other side of the bench and repeat)
No step: box = bob & weave with jabs)

Step: bob & weave = straddle the bench & tap up
No step: soccer knees = like you're kneeing the ball to a teammate

Now onto the combinations... (arms in parenthases)



* Step forward with right foot tap left foot in place (1-2) march left right (3-4) step forward with left foot tap right foot in place (5-6) march right left (7-8). While stepping forward throw arms like you're tossing a football.

** Like balancing on a snowboard keep core tight (1-4) then "to turn" rock onto your toes (5-6) and your heels (7-8)

STEP vertical
start on the short end of the bench facing the front of the room.

Phew, there you go. I did this for the first 50 or so minutes of a 90 minute cardio & tone class. Then finished it up with some toning. Good times. Enjoy.

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