Double Stomp-Back Mambo from Jacque

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Here's the "new" pattern for my classes this week. It went really well, but I took my time with the breakdown (which I'm including after the final combo description). I know it takes time to write out, but I'd really be interested in seeing people's breakdowns of the patterns they submit.

32 counts, reversing, tapfree.

* 2 knee repeater variation: "highland fling" -- step, kick (1,2); swing foot across the other leg and kick again (3,4); exit (5,6)



Change the 4 stomps to 3 + a back mambo:

Now block and teach a full revolving door. Follow with alternating knees. Break it down: 1/2 revolving door + 1 alternating knee (8) Repeat

Insert into combo:

Now block and teach a 2 knee repeater with the variation option:

Review the first part of the combo and tell them that next time 3 stomps will become 2, and the single knee will become a 2 knee repeater:

This is where I demo taking the 2 stomps off the end. They have the option of continuing to do them in place.

Now I teach the next 16 counts of the final:

Now I review the first part of the combo and add the second part -- still the long version:

Repeat entire sequence leading left (64)

At this point I put them in an alternating 3 knee repeater holding pattern to give their brains a rest & let them know we're breaking it down.

Finally -- the final version!

Hope this is helpful! Feel free to email me with questions.


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From: Fort Collins, Colorado (USA)
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