Spring Stepping Fun

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15777)

Lots of moving over and around the step - my class was panting by the time we finished, but they loved the combos! Hope you do too!

Horizontal bench, self-reversing, intermediate level. Mostly tapless, but has a couple charleston kicks.

Combo 1

* Diagonal walk away aka. walkaway Joe: Step up on the bench moving diagonally over (1-2), step down still moving diagonally on the floor now (3-4), pivot turn on the floor (5-6), walk walk diagonally back to the bench (7-8)

Notes: The revolving door over the top starts once you've turned into the bench after doing half of an around-the-world. It's a quick turn around (a little more than 180) to do the mambo cha cha on the west corner, then you keep turning after the cha chas to step-tap x2 around the short end of the bench to face the back of the room to do the charleston. This combo can be doubled on all the steps during the breakdown, but will not be self-reversing.

Combo 2

* My T-step is a step up on the short end (1-2), straddle down (3-4), step up (5-6), step back down off the short end (7-8) - I usually add a hop/knee (leading leg knee comes up) instead of the step back up after the straddle.

Notes: It's a BIG move to come back from combo 1's diagonal walk away to do the knee off the end - adds a lot of intensity, but can be difficult for newbies.

Combo 3

** Skate on top is three alternating hams on top of the bench (changes lead)

** Stomping L-step across-the-top (assuming left lead):
Left foot steps/stomps on top of the bench near the east end - don't transfer all your weight onto this foot (1)
Right foot steps/stomps down off short end (2)
Left foot steps on top, moving across-the-top, right foot steps up (3-4)
Left foot steps/stomps down off the west short end (right foot lifts slightly, hovering above the step) (5)
Right foot steps/stomps on top (6)
Left foot steps back to home position, right foot follows (7-8)

*** L-step squat: like a regular L-step, but replaces the second knee lift (or tap) with a squat out to the side.

Combo 4

* Double knee travel turn (assume right leg lead):
Starts near the east end of the bench, right side facing the bench as if you were going to do another turn step
Step up with right foot (1)
Left knee lifts for a two-peater, tapping on count 3 (2-3-4). On count 4, use the momentum from lifting the left knee to do a quarter hop on the right foot turning towards the front of the room.
Left foot steps down on the west end of the bench (like a turnstep) (5)
Right knee lifts as left foot hops a quarter turn towards the right (6)
Step down right/left (7-8)

It's like a power turn step, but with a two-peater to start.

Tried to do my best with the breakdown - any questions, just ask!

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