Have a Ball!

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15848)

I teach a class called Have a Ball every week. It's mostly toning with some cardio intervals thrown in once in a while (not every week). The class indicated to me when I started the class that they'd rather have the conditioning/toning stuff than the cardio, so I modified accordingly!

Here's the class we did last night. The basic premise was that we did 3 sets of each exercise, followed by 1 minute of jacks. Then onto the next exercise.

Equipment needed: a stability ball, a BOSU, and 2 sets of dumbbells (one heavier, one lighter)

Warmup using the BOSU (march in place, toe taps on the BOSU, march on top of the BOSU, jacks to change lead leg, same thing leading left, etc.)


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