Jacque's Back-Hopturn Repeater-Weave

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15862)

32 counts, reversing, tapfree. Breakdown I used is at the end.

* Back-hopturn repeater-weave: the base for this is a regular 3 knee repeater and they can choose to stay with that. Or they can do a back-hopturn for the first knee, and weave back to the home side on the third knee. Final option is to layer speed lunges in place of the second knee.

** An option for the 2 marches: keep turning as you exit the turnstep and pivot on the 2 marches. It ends up being a 360 degree spin on the floor.


Repeat the basic straddle until they have it, then learn on the other lead leg. I don't know why, but people need some extra processing time for straddle moves, even with my advanced group.

This is where I layer the options for the repeater knee. They can stay with a regular repeater if they want. Cut to:

Next I have them move back on the mambo and do a mambo holding pattern instead of the corner kicks:

Repeat as needed. Then do an odd number of shuffle-turns, finish with an odd number of mambos on the other corner. Teach the turnstep on the other leg. Finish with shuffle-turns.

Put together for the Final:

Hope this makes sense. Email me with questions.


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