Ball Sculpt

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Roll out and up: Seated on stability ball roll out until head and shoulders are resting on ball, and roll back up. Just a prep for the chest press.

Circles on ball: Seated on the ball as if to do a crunch, instead just rotate the body in a circle 8x's and then reverse.

Prone Glute lift on ball: Laying prone on stability ball with ball right under hips, hands on floor in front. Squeeze glutes and lift legs up in the air.

With the back rows and kick backs just use the ball as the bench placing one hand and same knee on ball, then switch to other side.

Teaser: This is an ab exercise lay supine and bring legs into chest hold the ball on top of legs. Keeping back on floor just open bringing arms and ball over head and legs strait out. Then just bring them back together.

Scissors: This is a similar exercise. Laying supine holding ball in hands, bring legs and arms withball strait up into the air. Keeping the lower back on the floor and arms strait up, just scissor the legs to the ball.

Ball lunges: Have one leg on the ball the other leg out in front and just lunge. This one takes a lot of balance, you may want to have them hold onto the wall.

Side crunches at wall: Standing between the wall and stability ball, sit on the ball so that only one glute is on the ball. Take the leg that is on top and place it on the wall to your back, and place the leg that is on the ball to your front. Then facing the wall just crunch up. Then switch to the other side.

I hope everyone understands this and feel free to add to it, and thanks to everyone who has posted. This site has helped me out so much.

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