Some Assembly Required (Advanced)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 15865)

I am teaching this to my Sunday advanced an we having a ball with it. Advanced, tap free, crossphrased where indicated, horizontal step. 64 counts total 128 right and left

Descriptions and breakdowns follow, please email questions. I borrow from this board all the time, so thank you if you posted any of these moves.

Combo I (cross phrased)

Total 64 counts

Skating the bench: start with single ham curls in each corner and progress to skating on top, exit home side. Add direction by exiting off the front and then off the home side, natural lead here.

Elvis L-step: start with an L-step, which your class can keep doing, while you preview the Elvis L-step. Start as a normal L-step, but instead of lifting the right knee, you tap your right foot on the bench, drawing your right hip forward with attitude ala Elvis.

Repeater on top: start center repeater knee - change to repeater one knee, one leg extension, one knee - natural lead lead change. Then take this up onto the bench, Step up right, lift left knee, tap left foot on bench, extend left leg, lift left knee, exit left and right.

Mambo pivot: start with 2 mambos on bench, repeater knee to switch the lead. Change to 1 mambo, 1 mambo pivot, keep repeater knee. Note that the finished product all takes place on the floor, not on the bench, but it's same movements.

Pivot straddle - rock back (6): these 2 moves are designed to go together, but here is my breakdown. First we do pivot straddles several times. Transition back home with a basic. Then we do pivot straddle, rock back, repeater knee and 1 jack on the floor. The repeater knee serves to switch leads and the jack to fill the phrase. The rock back is fast only 2 counts, think of a 1/2 mambo back. In the finished product the next move is the 6 count mambo, so it's actually 2 - 6 counts moves following each other, making for some fun cross phrasing.

Six count mambo: I stomp each corner 4 times - then knee lift to fill the phrase. In the finished product I only 2 the stomps twice.

Combo II

Total: 64 counts

1/2 Turn straddle: start with a turnstep, lift the knee to fool the tap. Then do 1/2 turn straddle, single knee exit to switch leads. Then 1/2 turn, straddle, 1/2 rocking horse, repeater knee to switch the lead

Walk away Joe: step up right and left on bench, exit off diagonal corner right and left, walk forward on floor right, mambo pivot and walk back to bench right and left (do a repeater to switch the lead).

1/2 L, Grapevine, grapevine, 1/2 L: I like this move and I think I borrowed it from here, so thank you. Start with a regular L-step, then do 1/2 L off left side, with right knee lifted, grapevine away from the bench, heading right, curl left, grapevine back toward bench, heading left, curl right, put right foot on bench to complete the L and take it home.

Full Reverse V: step up right foot in left corner, left foot in right corner, face back wall. As you exit right and left make a full turn to face the front. I break this down, by doing it slowly first, up,up, down turn at 1/2 time, repeater anything will switch the lead.

Spin: this is a full 360 degree pivot, where if you start facing the left wall on the home side of the bench, you will end up facing the left wall on the north side of the bench. Step up right pivot around left, exit to the floor left and right (4). To take out the dizzy factor, I usually put a mambo on the floor with the inside foot (4), but it's not there in the finished product.

Combo III

Total: 64 counts

I-step variation: this is a combination I-step and split back - step up right and left on bench (2), 1 lunge back with right foot (2) 1 jack on bench (2), 1 lunge back with left foot (2), 1 jack on bench (2), exit right and left (2), total 12 counts IMPORTANT EVEN THOUGH THE JACK WOULD EFFECTIVLY CHANGE LEADS, I DON'T WANT A LEAD CHANGE SO I EXIT WITH THE FOOT I STARTED WITH.


Step up right and left, 1 right lunge back, 1 jack on top, exit to floor right and left, repeater knee to switch the lead. Repeat all left.

Do the full 12 counts as written above, exit right and left, single knee switch leads. repeat all left.

Step kick mambo cha cha (8) plus walk around the bench (4)

These 2 are designed to go together.

I start on the floor with just mambo cha cha's done corner to corner so they get the feel of that. Then we do 1 step kick, plus 1 mambo cha cha on the floor and a repeater to switch the lead. Then we do 1 step kick, 1 mambo cha cha, walk around end of bench to other side, single knee to switch the lead.

2 chugs over 1/2 revolve: 2 stomps on the bench as you step over continue turning so there is no tap

V-Mambo off small end : start with a regular V-step, knee lift. Then take the V off small end right and left, cross back on the floor with your right foot, while slight lifting left. Put in a repeater to switch ends.

Teeter totter: 3 alternating leg extensions right,left,right or left,right,left. I start with a repeater leg extension in each corner and change to the teeter totter (I know I borrowed this thanks).

O-step: a 1/2 turn, into a straddle, following by another 1/2 turn into a straddle. You can break it down many way doing 1/2 turn straddle, knee and exit, then do the full O-step with a repeater to exit and switch the lead.

I hope you enjoy and email if you have questions


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