Tawanda's Quick 32

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Horizontal step; 32 count; tapless; reverses leads; basic layers of the combination is at the end.

Finished Combination Layer:

* L-stomp: base move is 2 right stomps on the left end of the bench. Some people call this move "squash the bug". (1) RIGHT foot stomps, (2) LEFT foot stomps the floor to the west end of the bench, (3) the RIGHT foot stomps the bench again as the left foot is lifting and moving back to the 'home' position, (4,5) March LEFT, RIGHT on floor, preparing to move with the left foot next.

** Also known as a 'Waltz'. (1) Step up with LEFT foot, (2) RIGHT foot rocks back on the bench behind the LEFT foot and the LEFT foot lifts slightly up off the bench, (3) LEFT foot on bench again (4,5) down RIGHT, LEFT.

*** A tapless over the top with a rock back with the inside foot rocking back on counts 4,5.

**** A variation on walking around the bench for 8 steps. On count (1) the RIGHT foot goes to the bench, (2) LEFT crosses over the right as to the floor Box Step style, (3,4) march on the floor RIGHT, LEFT continuing to travel around the bench and rotating to face the back. Repeat on the other (east) end of the bench to return 'home'. This has the rotational direction a revolving door move, but the action happens arounf the perimeter of the bench.

Base Combination

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