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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 15881)

The base foot work for this entire combo is simply: 1 kick & 7 basics. How easy is that?!! Beginners can stay with that & more advanced participants can use the options. Trust me though, when all the options are layered, this is not just a "basic" pattern!

32 counts, reversing, tapfree. Final version is at the end -- I'm starting with the breakdown first:

Now layer the next option for the 3 basics:

Next layer an option for the 4 lunges. I also add some filler (more basics) for brain processing time:

Now it's time to layer in options for those last 4 basics. The foot work is all right/left/right/left/right/left/right/left or left/right/left/right/left/right/left/right, so beginners can stay with basics if they choose. From a basic holding pattern:

Repeat as needed. Go back to the kick and lunge options to change the lead and show the reverse basic on the left lead.

Now the combo looks like this:

Time to layer an option for the last 2 basics. From a basic holding pattern:

Repeat as needed. Return to the kick & lunge options to switch the lead and teach "Stomp & Waltz" on the left lead. The foot pattern is either right/left/right, left/right/left/right/left or left/right/left,right/left/right/left/right

**Waltz on Top = step up left side approach facing E (count 1), step behind with right foot on top (count 2), step on top again still facing E with left foot (count 3), exit right/left (counts 4,5)

Another option! On the "Waltz", instead of doing it on top of the board, turn on the floor to face the back wall on count 1 with the SE corner behind you, step behind on count 2, reverse your spin to face front on counts 3,4,5. This move is so fun once you master it! Remember -- it's simply a left/right/left/right/left or right/left/right/left/right foot pattern.

Time for the final pattern:

Want ONE MORE OPTION??? LOL Here it is: After the kick, reverse up and do your lunges facing the back wall. Then hopturn home (no tap) to face front on the knee-up after the 3 speed lunges. It's a lot of turning in one pattern, so I only use this one when the class is composed primarily of maniacs.

Have fun. Email me with questions.


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