Sonia's Cutting Corners (Combo 3)

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This is the third combo in a three combo routine. Tapless, self-reversing, 32 counts, horizontal step.

Okay...the reverse cut the corner is a little "iffy." Be sure to cue them to look at the step on the way back. My class loved it.

Combo 3, Base

Repeat left

Combo 3, Intermediate

Repeat left

*Cut the corner and reverse cut the corner:
1,2) step right foot to left end, step left foot to floor on the end,
3,4) march right and left in place,
5,6) step right foot to left end, step left foot back toward homeside,
7,8) march right and left in place.

For the intermediate combo instead of marching you rock forward right and back left (like the 1,2 on a mambo) on counts 3,4; and back right and forward left (like the 3,4 on a mambo) on counts 7,8...make the movements big.

NOTE: I simply cue this as cut the corner for the whole 8 counts...I don't cue reverse cut.

**Kickin' L-Shape Repeater (right lead):
1,2) step up right and kick forward left,
3,4) left touches down, left abducts,
5,6) left touches down, left kicks forward,
7,8) exit the step left and right.

***Rock 'n' Fly (right lead):
1-4) Rocking Horse,
5,6) Hop turn forward over the step,
7,8) Exit the front left and right.

Email any questions.


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From: Texas (USA)
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